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Introducing the Saina hygienic manufacturing company

In September 2000, Saina hygienic industry Co. was registered in the corporate registration and industrial ownership office under the number 181802. It was founded in an area of 5989815 square meters in the industrial region of Abhar city, based on agreements and coordinations between Paxan Co. and Behshahr industries development Co. management. According to the second article of the statute, the theme of the company is providing and manufacturing a variety of detergent, abstergent, cosmetic, hygienic and chemical products and trading and manufacturing activities, investment, export and import, in addition to doing any kind of operation or transaction with a direct or indirect relation to the company theme. The original asset of the company, according to article 5 of the statute, is 10 billion Rials. This was divided into 1 million shares of 10 thousand Rials each, which through two phases as follows have increased to 42 billion Rials, consisting of 4200 shares of 10 thousand Rials by the end of the financial year leading to September 2010.
Stock holder’s name Stocks amount Asset amount
Detergent industry management company of Behshahr industries development Co. (Special body corporate) 4،199،678 41،996،780،000
Behshahr industries development company (general body corporate) 140 1،400،000
Behshahr industries development company (general body corporate) 140 1،400،000
Goltash Company (general body corporate) 21 210،000
Mr. Jamshid Foroozesh 21 210،000
Total 4،200،000 42،000،000،000

Nominal capacity of the company is as follows:

Products Annual capacity (tons)
Variety of chemical essences 10000
Dishwashing liquid 6000
Clothes washing liquid 5000
Foum 1000
Clothes washing liquid 10000
Variety of floor washing liquids 1000
Green oil 1000
Variety of hygienic and cosmetic sprays 6000

Message of managing director

Today, all around the world, human beings - by attempting and creating products - are searching for a kind of connection and economical exchange with each other. Assuming this, considering civilization in business and trading is a vital necessity. Saina company, modeling above conceptions, has focused its incentive and anxiety on a proper response to the ever-changing needs of consumers and being a pioneering, forward-thinking force in detergent liquids production. For this purpose, the following themes are our strategic goals.

  • Upgrading quality and considering customer demand
  • Preserving the credit of Paxan produced brands in this complex, especially Goli, Sepid and Rakhsha, and increasing and upgrading their production and availability
  • Reinforcing new brands and developing supply processes and products throughout the country
  • Extending automation along with product quality and increasing work efficiency in the complex
  • Recognizing the developing demands of consumers in society, with regard to the type and packing of products and the necessary investment towards them
  • Growth and development of scientific and technical ability of personnel and protecting them


Our mission is the production of hygienic and detergent products for people throughout the country and the region, in order to be available for the public through extensive distribution and sale policy with equal price and timely supply.


Our aim is to cater for societal needs and the various demands of our customers and their families, by producing a variety of detergent and hygienic products and supplement Paxan group products. We want to always be their first option, serving as a reminder of the importance of health and wellbeing.

Main values of the company

  • Constant upgrading of quality and consideration of a variety of customer demands
  • Fair behavior and the reinforcement of competence – orientation in the work environment through development and the rationalization of organizational structure and the intersection of oral relationships
  • Improving group work culture towards preserving asset, increasing commitment to organization and holding goals with co-additive approach
  • Protecting environmental indexes and constant development for the reinforcement of the perspective of company goals and the consideration of all beneficiaries' rights.

    • First & Surname: Majid Mafi
    • Birth Date: 1958
    • Occupation:
      Board member
    • Education: MA in Management
    • Phone Number:
    Majid Mafi

    • First & Surname: Ali Safavi Nejhad
    • Birth Date: 1985
    • Occupation:
      Managing director out of board
    • Education: MA in Industrial Management
    • Phone Number: 64562519
    Ali Safavi Nejhad

    • First & Surname: Gholam Reza Zamani
    • Birth Date: 1953
    • Occupation:
    • Education: BA in Accounting
    • Phone Number:
    Gholam Reza Zamani

    • First & Surname: Mohammad Ali Zeighami
    • Birth Date: 1968
    • Occupation:
      Vice president of the board
    • Education: PhD in Business Management
    • Phone Number: 88329204
    Mohammad Ali Zeighami