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Paxan Iravan

History of Paxan Iravan factory

This factory initiated its operation in February 2000 in order to generate 50me manufacturing units in Irboni industrial town located in Iravan suburb, the capital city of the Republic of Armenia, with an original asset of 600,000 dram. It was registered under the number 278012002222 and on July 25, 2000, its legal assets were increased to an amount of 550500000 dram, consisting of 91750 shares with a value of 6000 dram per share.

Stockholders name and the amount of their shares are:

Stockholders name Stock percentage Stock value (amount)
Detergent industry management company 55 302775000
Kazem Azarban 15 82575000
Hossein Azarban 15 82575000
Karim Rashidi Gargari 15 82575000

Paxan Iravan
Address: 3/7 lane, Arian Brett 3 aaley, Irboni industrial town, Republic of Armenia.
Tel: 021-64562395

Factory specifications

This factory is located in an area of 23000 m2 (square meters),in the ownership of Paxan Iravan Co. in Irboni industrial town, Arian Brett street, 3/7 lane. It has two buildings, each with dimensions of 18×16 m2, totally 2160 m2, an administrative building with two floors, totally 916 m2, a sentry building of 60 m2 and an electricity transformer. One of the buildings was double decked in 2008 along with a part of the second building, totally 1150 m2 and a warehouse area of 3310 m2, making the total building of Paxan Iravan Co. 4286 m2. In addition to the buildings, there are three storage tanks containing sulphonic acid water and caustic soda each with a volume of 60 m3, two compressors, two boilers and a cooling tower.

Manufacturing units

Manufacturing units include: Producing and packing dishwashing liquids, producing polyethylene containers, producing and packing floor washing powders, producing and packing hand washing liquids, packing javelle liquid, producing and packing multipurpose liquid and packing washing machine and hand wash powders, which stopped in 2008.

Clothes washing powders unit

According to the request of sales agents (45% of the stockholders of Paxan Iravon Co.), packing of the line of clothes washing powders ceased after a few months and initiated again. Finally, by the end of 2008, at the insistence of the sales agent and with a delay in selling products and even persisting in the continuous distribution of products and excusing for high prices compared to sending the packed power from Iran Paxan Co. which causes a missing of the market, the packing line stopped forever. Packing of clothes washing powder accounted for over 50 percent of the factory's operation. After this stopped, the surplus cost (expense) was used to address weaker products and by increasing surplus cost stress on other products, it became hard for products to compete.

Floor washing unit

The manufacturing and packing of Rakhsha, Barf, Pride and Paksive 500 gr floor washing powders takes place in this factory, and they are subsequently sent to the Armenia and Georgia markets.

Dishwashing liquids unit

Manufacturing and packing of dishwashing liquids is done in polyethylene containers and pats with volumes of 500, 450 and 900 gr, and they are sent to Armenia and Georgia markets. Hand washing liquids, glass cleaner liquids and Rakhsha multipurpose liquid are also produced and packed in the dishwashing liquid unit. Javelle liquid is produced in a place other than floor washing powder and liquids and sent to market. Polyethylene unit has 3 polyethylene machine lines made in Iran, two of which have two cavities, with the third having six cavities.

Production services unit, technical unit:

    Added to reparation in necessary times, the supervision of manufacturing (production) units is another responsibility of this unit.

Financial affairs section

A senior accountant is responsible for financial affairs and accounting, fiscal accounts, codified and legal procedures for document flow, accounting warehouses, product process, providing and formulating reports for corresponding organizations according to rules and laws of the country and the responsibility of reception and payments. As accounting staff, the person is responsible for cash, the issuing of the bill of sale and similar tasks. It should be noted that the cash system of the company is performed in the minimum period of time, intentionally all purchase of the company, including internal and cheque and bill, according to rules.

How to distribute and sell Paxan Iravan Co. products

Mona Group and Linda companies, respectively in Armenia and Georgia are exclusive sales agents of Paxan Co. products. Based on contract, Paxan Co. admits its products which are of Paxan brands, to the above mentioned agents. It should be noted that the making of policy with regard to the distribution and selling of this company's products in the above markets is performed by the contracting parties' agents.