Morvarid-Hamoon Company

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Morvarid-Hamoon Company

Vision and mission of Morvarid-e-Hamoon Company:

  • Vision and mission of Morvarid-e-Hamoon Company:
  • Recognizing and upgrading the organization's internal capabilities and trying to identify its strength and weaknesses
  • Managing resources in the creation of a motivating system, appropriate for personnel
  • Managing resources in the creation of a motivating system, appropriate for personnel
  • Flexible dynamics and power
  • Effective and efficient organization, aligned with the future strategy of the company

History of the company

Morvarid-e-Hamoon manufacturing company (special body corporate) was founded in September 2001 by the Shahraki family and registered in the corporate and industrial ownership registration office of Sistan-O-Baloochestam Province. Transfer convention and sales contract with termination right on behalf of the detergent industry management company were concluded with the Shahraki family in April 2006. Finally, in July 2007, the purchase was performed and the document of transacted stocks, registration, delivery, evolution and Board of directors and managing directors were specified and registered. The company assets are an amount of two billion Rials. Based on an enactment of extra assembly in June 2009, it was divided into a value of 1000 Rials. Based on the enactment of extra assembly in March 2010, during the reported financial year, the assets of the company were reduced to 14 billion Rials, divided into four million shares with a value of 1000 Rials. The theme of the company's activity, based on article three of the statute, is the provision and manufacture of a variety of detergents, abstergents, hygienic and cosmetic products, internal and external manufacturing and business operation, investment, export and the performance of any kind of operation and transaction that is directly or indirectly related to the company theme. Therefore, its main goal is increasing its capability in the production of a variety of detergent powders and dishwashing liquid, bleaching liquids, floor washing liquids and anti crusts in response to the export needs of Afghanistan, Pakistan and the countries of Persian Gulf zone, in addition to providing for the south, north-east and south-east of the country.

Morvarid-e-Hamoon Company
Address: 8th kilometer of Fath Highway (Karaj primitive road), Tehran.
Tel: 541-3250060
Fax: 3250136 -541

    • First & Surname: Gholam Reza Zamani Fard
    • Birth Date: 1953
    • Occupation:
    • Education: BA in Industrial Accounting
    • Phone Number:
    Gholam Reza Zamani Fard

    • First & Surname: Mohammad Reza Adib
    • Birth Date: 1950
    • Occupation:
      Board member
    • Education: MA in Accounting
    • Phone Number: 46562520 - 021
    Mohammad Reza Adib

    • First & Surname: Mohammad Rahimi Nejhad Horand
    • Birth Date: 1964
    • Occupation:
      Vice president of the board
    • Education: MA in Public Law
    • Phone Number: 021-64562565
    Mohammad Rahimi Nejhad Horand

    • First & Surname: Changiz NazamiVand Cheigini Fard
    • Birth Date: 1971
    • Occupation:
      Managing director
    • Education: MA in Business Management
    • Phone Number: 64562520
    Changiz NazamiVand Cheigini Fard