Detergent industry management company

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Detergent industry management company

The detergent industry management company of Behshahr Co. was founded in 2004 (2/09/1383) as a special body corporate and was registered in the corporate and industrial ownership registration office of Tehran under the number 234823. The company's head office is located in Tehran and with regard to the fact that 99 percent of its stock belongs to Behshahr Co. (general body corporate), the detergent industry management company is one of the subordinate companies of Behshahr Co. Its main activity is participation in detergent, abstergent and cosmetics companies, while the issue of its sub-companies is the manufacture of detergents, abstergents, hygienics and cosmetics.

Mission: Our mission is the strategic leading of group companies towards production and the supply of hygienic and detergent products with superior and typical market brands, with the purpose of creating value and providing society rights and beneficiaries.


  • Dignifying efficient and result-oriented manpower.
  • Efficient, reliable and orderly manpower that prefers organizational benefits to individual benefits and considers professional ethics, including trusteeship, goodwill, good temperament, truthfulness, accuracy, fastness, secrecy and loyalty.
  • Customer oriented and coordinated group work in an open and interactive atmosphere, with consideration of the right balance between authorizations and responsibilities
  • Consideration of all beneficiaries' rights and the performance of social responsibilities
  • Commitment to stockholders' and other beneficiaries' rights, environmental indicators and other social responsibilities
  • Creativity, innovation and continuous eminence
  • A learning, creative, innovative, knowledge-based and changeable organization with a focus on increasing individual capabilities and organizational development
  • Preservation of the reputation and credit of the complex and its brand names.
  •  Stockholder name  Stock amount    Asset amount    
     Behshahr industries development  358,197,750                         358,197,750.000            
    Construction company of Behshahr industries group: 1,800,000  1,800,000,000
     Plussage investment company of Behshahr industries  750  750,000
    Construction company of Behshahr industries group  750   750,000
     beh pakhsh industries  750   750,000
     Total  360,000,000  360,000,000,000

(Behshahr industries development company (general
Tell: 98-21-66250129
Fax: 98-21-66250676

    • First & Surname: Masoud Ajhih
    • Birth Date: 1954
    • Occupation:
    • Education: MA in Accounting
    • Phone Number:
    Masoud Ajhih

    • First & Surname: Seyed Navid Razavi Ardestani
    • Birth Date: 1963
    • Occupation:
      Vice president of the board
    • Education: MA in Substance
    • Phone Number: 64562490
    Seyed Navid Razavi Ardestani

    • First & Surname: Mahmoud Habibi abd
    • Birth Date: 1959
    • Occupation:
      Board of Directors
    • Education: BA in Accounting
    • Phone Number: 64562476
    Mahmoud Habibi abd